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 Beth Caldwell Success Circle for Women



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Seven Strategic Success Principals to PROPEL Your Business in Less Than SEVEN WEEKS!

Beth Caldwell 2016 Photo RedBeth Caldwell started her first home based business in 1991 from her kitchen table. In 1993 she was the first person in her neighborhood to have a computer at home. Since then she has learned how to successfully navigate entrepreneurship while balancing family, fun and career. Today she teaches for the Steve Harvey Success Institute, is the author of five popular books, is the founder of Leadership Academy for Women, is a newspaper and magazine columnist and an advocate for the success of women and families. Her passion is to help people achieve stellar success at work and enjoy a fun and purpose-filled life.

Classes meet by telephone at 10am ET. Recordings are permanently available to you and uploaded by the next Friday.

These one hour information packed workshops will empower you to reach your client attraction and abundance goals. You’ll develop strategy skills that will last a lifetime. Success Circle offers education, empowerment, inspiration and accountability, while having the chance to connect and interact with women just like you on a consistent basis, month after month to keep you on track, aligned and empowered.

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Call 1: The Five Most Important Systems for Your Business

Wednesday, January 11th at 10am

Sytems in your business (and life) can help you to automate and improve all key areas of your profit and growth. Once you get systems working and in place, you’ll find it easier to shift into a greater abundance. The hardest part of integrating systems is creating them. Beth will share the 5 most important systems that you need to implement and helpful guidelines to either begin or improve the systems you need most. Tip: pick just one to implement or improve at a time.

Call 2: Speaking for Success; How To Use Speaking Engagements to Grow Your Business

Wednesday, January 18th at 10am

Presentations that are done professionally and to the right audience can and will leverage your business. How do you get booked as a speaker? Should you charge for presentations or offer them for free? Should you offer handouts or a slide show? How to you leverage your speaking engagements to grow your business and get more business? How do you use speaking to grow your contact list? How do you make sure that a speaking commitment is a wise use of your time? Learn from Beth’s 15 years of speaking experience and save yourself years by learning from her personal experiences.

Call 3: How to Plan and Host Stellar Events to Grow Your Business

Wednesday, January 25th at 10:00am

Whether you want to offer informational and educational workshops at your local library, webinars to increase sales and visibility, or professional presentations to improve your credibility and establish yourself as an expert, you’ll benefit from the strategies that Beth offers to make your own events a success. You’ll learn tips on how to plan, produce and promote your events. Virtual, in-person and joint venture event tips will be given.

Call 4: Mastering Personal Productivity: Conquer Email and Paper Overwhelm

Wednesday, February 1st at 10am

We all know that a chaotic environment is not ideal for doing our best work. As women, we CAN work in chaos, but  we prefer to work in balance. Beth will share her best tips (this is a favorite class in the Steve Harvey Success Institute) on keeping your work space and living space productive, profitable and peaceful.

Call 5:  Make Your Brand Statement: Review and Polish Your Professional Brand 

Wednesday, February 8th at 10:00am

“Brand” is a hot new buzz term that essentially means your professional image. What message do you send about yourself and your business? This helpful presentation gives you an instant to-do list and strategies on how to polish your image both inside and outside of work.  We’ll cover necessary marketing tools, your positioning statement, how to get a professional head shot plus website and social media reviews and tips to help you stand out and have an amazing brand.

Call 6: Stop The Sabotage! Using Mindfulness Practices to Become Your Best Self

Wednesday, February 15th at 10:00am

This may be the most important workshop that you attend as a leader and an influencer. Negative thinking and self-sabotage can cripple your confidence and it’s something that most entrepreneurs struggle with. This empowering workshop will help you to conquer negative thinking, and best of all, influence other women in your life to do the same.

Call 7: Create a Complete Marketing Plan for Your Business 

Wednesday, February 22nd at 10:00am

This is a very powerful way to complete our success series. When you learn how to integrate marketing strategies designed to grow your business, you’ll know how to leverage your growth and truly activate your abundance. You’ll learn how to select the right marketing tools that make sense for you. Beth will teach you how to implement, automate and eventually DELEGATE your marketing systems so that you can focus on attracting your ideal clients.

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Don’t worry, if you have to miss a class you will recieve the recording within three days. In fact, these workshop recordings will become a permanent part of your business success library. You’ll want to listen to them several times.

Remember, The entire series will be recorded and will be a part of your success library for many years, so you can sign up even if you are not able to attend the sessions live.

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  • Set aside 90 minutes to 2 hours on Wednesday mornings so that you can attend these workshops AND have some time afterward to implement what you’ve learned.
  • Download the recordings as soon as you receive them and put them in a safe place so you can listen to these classes over and over whenever you need them.
  • Team up with a success partner to stay on track and avoid overwhelm.

Questions? Call (412) 202-6983. This phone number answers 24 hours.

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“I had no idea that being your authentic self could make me as rich as I’ve become. If I had, I’d have done it a lot earlier.” –Oprah Winfrey

“Remember…you CAN do it all, you just can’t do it all at the same time.” –Beth Caldwell

“What you pay attention to today determines your future.” –Unknown

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